Road Trip Maintenance Tasks We Can Complete at Our Wichita Auto Shop

Road Trip Maintenance Tasks We Can Complete at Our Wichita Auto Shop

Road Trip Maintenance Tasks We Can Complete at Our Wichita Auto ShopThere's no time like the summertime to set out on an adventure in search of America's many wonders. But before you pack your bags and hit the road, you'll want to make sure your vehicle is ready for your journey. At Peniston Automotive, our local mechanics can complete auto maintenance in the greater Wichita area that will help to ensure a safe and comfortable expedition.

Important Road Trip Auto Maintenance Tasks

For optimal safety during your trek, it's worth conducting maintenance that enhances safety. During brake service, we'll inspect your braking system to make sure there aren't any safety concerns with it. And we'll lubricate braking system parts and change out brake pads as necessary. Another important safety task is to check your tire pressure and make sure it's at your specified psi. When tires are under-inflated, they're more likely to blow out, which can result in a major accident. Also, before your departure, you should get your battery checked. This way, you'll be aware if your battery is in poor condition and liable to die and leave you stranded, which could create an especially challenging situation if you're out in the wilderness.

You'll also want to complete maintenance tasks that help with regulating the heat. During cooling system service, we'll make sure that all of your car's cooling system components -- such as the radiator, water pump, thermostat, and hoses -- are working strongly. When the weather is hot, overheating is more likely to occur, making it especially important that the cooling system is functioning like it should. Also, coolant should be exchanged at 30,000 miles. With the right amount of clean coolant, it's much less likely that your engine will overheat. Another task to beat the heat is AC service. As part of this service, we'll ensure that all AC components are working efficiently and will keep you cool when outside temperatures are soaring.

Auto Maintenance in Wichita, KS

When you need auto maintenance in Wichita and the surrounding area, contact Peniston Automotive at (316) 263-1295. At our local auto shop, we can expertly conduct any type of repair or maintenance that your vehicle needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: July 2022

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