Recent Customer Reviews for Peniston Automotive

Recent Customer Reviews for Peniston Automotive

Recent Customer Reviews for Peniston AutomotiveAt Peniston Automotive, we're proud members of the Wichita small business community and strive to consistently exceed our customers' expectations by providing accurate diagnostics, flawless repairs, friendly service, and fair rates. Whether you need an oil change or complex engine repair, we'll work efficiently to do the job right the first time. And we always appreciate it when our customers take the time to offer feedback. Here are some of our recent customer reviews.

"I have always gotten great service on my vehicles at Peniston's. They fix my cars right the first time and don't over-charge. Fast service always and we're talking 20 years I've been going here with multiple cars. I've never gone anywhere else. 5 Stars." -- Doug G.

"Had to bring my car in after I had taken it to the auto parts store they had tested the battery and said it was good so then I thought I was having starter issues so took it in to have it serviced and they ran the service test and did an oil change for me to find out that it was a bad battery after all and not my starter, I was so happy. I guess the auto parts store didn't hook up the test machine correct so make sure you don't always go by what they say at the auto parts store and if you are looking for a honest quick service place I highly recommend this place, he was able to fit me in with in a few days and it only took a few hours to do my oil change and my diagnostic testing. Great service." -- Carmel D.

"Recently took the truck in because it was "acting up". Peniston got us in right away, had the part on-hand, and had it fixed by the same afternoon! We were having the same problems last year and we took the truck to a dealership to be fixed. There they jerked us around, made us wait a week to get the part in, put us on the back-burner, and $1600 later, the fix was only temporary. Not only did Peniston have what they needed to fix the problem the same day, they were quick, and the whole process only cost us a fraction of what we spent before! The icing on the cake was that they even took time to text us to ask us how the truck was running, and to make sure we were satisfied! Amazing service!! Moral of the story, never take your vehicle to a dealership to be fixed (unless it's still under warranty). Instead, just save yourself some time and money and take it to Peniston's!" -- K.W.

"They did a good job changing the timing belt component kit on my car for a fair price. They listed every part replaced on the receipt and they were honest about parts they didn't replace. Great job on the repair, and I am really happy and will be coming back in the future!" -- Daylin H.

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When you need auto repair in Wichita and the surrounding area, contact Peniston Automotive at (316) 263-1295. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: November 2022

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