Avoid these Bad Habits that Can Cause Major Engine Problems

Avoid these Bad Habits that Can Cause Major Engine Problems

Avoid these Bad Habits that Can Cause Major Engine ProblemsBy avoiding certain bad habits, you can help to keep your engine healthy well into the future. But if you do notice signs of engine trouble, you'll want to get to the shop ASAP. Acting quickly will give you the best chance to prevent the problem from becoming extremely expensive to address. At Peniston Automotive, our local mechanics are highly experienced with engine repair, as well as completing maintenance tasks that help to prevent engine problems from emerging to begin with. Here are some common ways that drivers cause engine problems.

Ignore the Check Engine Light

If your check engine light turns on, you don't necessarily need to assume that disaster is imminent. But it's still wise to promptly visit the shop for computerized diagnostics so that any emerging issues can be taken care of before they get worse. Common check engine light triggers include problems with catalytic converters, O2 sensors, and MAF sensors.

Don't Follow Oil Change Schedule

If you don't keep up with oil changes, then you risk your engine's moving parts suffering severe damage as a result of poor lubrication and metal-on-metal contact. Also, when you're driving with the right amount of clean oil, heat is more easily redistributed from the combustion chamber. This helps to keep your engine at a safe temperature.

Ignore Symptoms of Engine Trouble

Common signs of engine trouble include knocking noises, power loss, fluid leaks, and discolored/excessive exhaust smoke. It's always smart to get to the shop when you first suspect that engine trouble is brewing.

Don't Follow Factory-Maintenance Schedule

By keeping up with 30/60/90k maintenance, you'll be helping to keep your engine healthy and your warranty valid. Factory-scheduled maintenance includes important tasks like fluid exchanges and filter replacements, as well as a visual inspection.

Auto Repair in Wichita, KS

When you need auto repair in Wichita and the surrounding area, contact Peniston Automotive at (316) 263-1295. At our local auto shop, we can conduct any type of repair or maintenance that your vehicle needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: February 2022

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