Auto Diagnostics in Wichita, KS

Auto Diagnostics in Wichita, KS and Surrounding Communities

Auto Diagnostics in Wichita, KSAt Peniston Automotive we have invested in the latest computer aided diagnostic and repair equipment. This allows us to service all makes and models of vehicles, including the newest ones on the road. If you encounter any type of car trouble, don't hesitate to give us a call to request an appointment for professional auto diagnostics in Wichita or the surrounding communities. We have the knowledge, tools and technology to get you back on the road fast.

Computer Diagnostics

Our state of the art car repair shop is equipped with modern scanning and diagnostic tools. Since modern automobiles are heavily reliant on computers and microprocessors to maximize power, efficiency and safety, the same type of technology is needed to identify possible issues. If your vehicle does not seem to be running quite right, we can figure out exactly what's wrong using computer assisted diagnostic equipment. Give us a call to schedule car diagnostics.

Check Engine Light Repair

If your vehicle's check engine light comes on, come see us immediately. Most check engine light issues start out small, such as a failed oxygen sensor or MAF sensor, or even a loose gas cap, but can wind up causing much bigger problems if ignored. Putting off check engine light repairs could result in that inexpensive sensor turning into a costly catalytic converter repair. We provide fast and accurate check engine light repairs in Wichita!

Dashboard Indicator Lights

Dashboard Indicator LightsAside from the check engine light, vehicles are equipped with a number of dashboard warning lights. This includes the ABS light for the brakes, the ALT light for the alternator, the engine temperature light, the TPMS light and numerous others. If any dashboard warning lights come on in your car or truck, come see us. We'll quickly identify and fix the problem using state of the art computer diagnostic technology. Our scan tools work with all makes and models of European, Asian and domestic vehicles.

Common Signs of Car Trouble

There are many ways to tell if a vehicle is not performing as it should. If you encounter any of the following common signs of car trouble, don't hesitate to visit our team for professional diagnostics and repairs.

  • Decreased MPGs - A drop in fuel economy can indicate many forms of trouble, from worn spark plugs to an exhaust leak.
  • Odd Noises - Odd sounds are a common indicator of a car problem. Everything from worn brake pads to a poorly oiled engine could be the source of the sound. Head to a shop for proper diagnostics.
  • Weird Smells - If you catch a whiff of something strange while driving, you ought to visit us for proper identification. Some common smells that indicate trouble are a maple syrup scent, which is a sign of a coolant leak, or a burning paper smell, which may mean it is time for a new clutch.
  • Shaking/Vibrating - Many problems result in vehicle shakes and vibrations. This could include worn brakes, poor wheel alignment, or even a failing transmission.
  • Leaks - Fluid leaks are a clear sign of trouble. If you spot a drip, we can put a stop to it. We fix oil leaks, coolant leaks, transmission fluid leaks and other automotive leaks.

No matter what type of problem your vehicle is facing, the team at Peniston Automotive can fix it. To learn more about our full service auto repair shop in Wichita, or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at (316) 263-1295. Thank you for considering us for your automotive service needs.

"This place is very honest and has good people. I would go back any time my car needs worked on."

"Good place. I got my car fixed in record time...they didn't charge me an arm and leg. Good experience. Very nice. helpful shop."

"I can always count on Peniston to fix me up. Very dependable auto service and repair."

"They are amazing. They helped me get to my car after they worked on it. And fixed a few things they didn't have to. They go above and beyond for customers. Thank you so much!!"

"Got my wife's van in same day and had it fixed before I got off work. They also followed up the next day to make sure there were no problems. Very happy with the service."


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